GCO Facilitators 2018-19

Tom Lee

Tom is a senior at Umass Amherst, majoring in English and specializing in the Study and Practice of Writing. He is from Pittsfield, Massachusetts where he has worked as a cook, a clerk, and a cleaner. He became curious about social justice after many conversations with his co-workers and friends. He has spent most of his time in college figuring out how to best nurture this curiosity. Tom loves playing the bass, reading, hiking, and running. 

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Anastasia Lynge

Anastasia is a senior at Smith College, majoring in Sociology with a minor in the Study of Women and Gender. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, she has been involved in various organizing projects since high school. Her main passions lie in working with survivors of sexual violence and organizing against economic injustice. In her free time, Anastasia likes to read, go to the gym, and eat breakfast food.


Urgyen Joshi

Urgyen is a senior at UMass, pursuing a BDIC in Community Organising through Performance Studies. They grew up in New Delhi, India enmeshed in Indian, Russian and Tibetan cultures. An interdisciplinary peep at heart, Urgyen explores their central curiosities of “What makes people do the things they do?” and “How can we be doing good-er?”, via the lenses of Theater, Performance Studies, Political Science and Spirituality. Their aim is to create spaces in which folks can discover their most authentic selves and develop ways of being that contribute to lasting change in the world- whether that “world” is one life, a small community or global in scale.  


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