Grassroots Community Organizing

UMass Anthropology 380

Looking for a challenging, community-oriented social justice course with an

Alternative Spring Break?        


Grassroots Community Organizing is the core academic course of UACT.

The primary objective of GCO is for students to develop the capacity to learn from and act in effective and complex solidarity with communities organizing for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. 


In GCO, students study ways that diverse communities build power to address complex systems of marginalization, violence, and inequity. In order to engage effectively with community-based struggles for justice, GCO students also study their own diverse experiences and identities within their shared cultural context.          


The GCO classroom is facilitated by well-supported teams of highly skilled students who have engaged in an intensive UACT facilitation training program. (Learn more about our facilitators!) We learn through engagement with texts, one another, and community organizers who share their work, struggles, and knowledge with us throughout the semester and especially during the Alternative Spring Break trip. 


GCO is a five-credit advanced UMass Anthropology class open to students across all years, all majors, and across the five colleges.


Participation in GCO is by application only.


Applications for GCO 2020 are due November 15, 2019!

Please make sure to check out all the course info and course requirements before applying!

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