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New Movement Leaders Fund


Alumni of the UMass Alliance for Community Transformation (UACT) are coming together to raise funds to support the next generation of racial justice organizers through scholarships and support for UACT's new course, Organizing for New Movement Leaders

Black, Indigenous, and Youth of Color broadly (BIPOC)  have been on the frontlines of this summer's uprisings for racial justice. In this pivotal moment for our movements, these emerging leaders deserve access to a space where they can strategize, connect, learn, and heal with others from across the country. 


The Facilitation Team for Organizing for New Movement Leaders are BIPOC UACT alumni who are active in work for educational access and racial equity, healing, The Movement for Black Lives, organizing against mass incarceration, housing justice, access to reproductive health and education for diverse youth, and more. They are eager to provide the future leaders of their movements with the relationships and skills necessary to sustain this work. 


A large group of UACT alumni and faculty/staff are working overtime this summer to make this course happen. Our fund's goal is to provide full scholarships to every participating student who needs one and to make this intensive training and supportive community accessible to the rising organizers who need support in order to thrive, build, and win.

Please join us by investing in new movement leaders by contributing $50, $150, or whatever amount feels right for you to the New Movement Leaders Alumni Fund through a tax deductible donation here If you have access to more significant funds, and are looking to give more boldly to racial justice work...  please consider sponsoring a student by contributing the full $1,250 cost for this course!  Donations go to a fund we have set up through the university, and thus are tax deductible. 


We will keep all donors and alumni in the loop about what New Movement Leaders students are working on, some of the major social movement and racial justice leaders these young leaders will be connecting with through the course, and campaigns they are building that may need support or amplification through the likely turbulent end of 2020.

UACT has spent the past 10 years experimenting with course structures, content, and pedagogies that best support emerging educators and young leaders.... 

Help us meet this movement moment by

making a donation to support the

Organizing for New Movement Leaders course!

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